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There is little doubt that your organisation chose to use an accounting system that met your needs and that therefore you purchased the best system for you. That does not however mean that you have the best e-procurement/purchase to pay system available to you as a component of that accounting system. The reasons for this may be a misfit in the functionality or the shear cost of rolling out a system to the users.

Xpurchase has the distinct advantage of being vendor independent whist integrated with the ledgers at the transaction level. Xpurchase also has the advantage of coming with a document management repository for purchase invoices and Goods Receipt Notes (GRNs) allowing for a three-way match of purchase orders, invoices and GRNs prior to the approval for payment.

Business is a two way process with emphasis both on buying and selling, each enterprise has to purchase products and services in the wide market to meet its day-to-day operational needs. E-commerce systems evolved to service new ways of selling, but this was still only half the story of doing business. There are huge benefits to be gained from applying the right IT solutions to an enterprises purchasing, as well as to its sales.

Many companies have already begun to explore the possibilities offered by e-commerce solutions for processing requisitions and purchase orders. However, there are risks - the last thing that you want to do is sacrifice a familiar manual system, for an equally cumbersome (and isolated) electronic one.

The best way forward is to choose Xpurchase: a sophisticated but straightforward solution that extends the power of your accounting system to meet your purchasing needs more effectively. It not only covers the whole cycle from raising the initial requisition through to invoice matching and payment, but also provides an integrated document management and powerful workflow system. As well as reducing costs by providing fast, controlled access to key procurement functions, this seamless approach to accounting and purchasing:

Delivers accurate budgetary control over expenditure – before it’s incurred

Ensures full validation of requests against your specified business criteria

Offers full support for commitment accounting

Rounds off the process with invoice payment and posting of completed transactions into the purchase ledger

Presents copy invoices and GRNs from a document store to assist in speedy problem resolution.

The highly flexible structure of Xpurchase ensures that it grows and develops, as your business needs change in an every demanding commercial world.

The Xpurchase comes with a full set of reports inbuilt. However the open nature of the Xpurchase database allows user-reporting tools the ability to provide enhanced reporting capabilities. This allows much greater scope to put the information held by the system to work.


Xpurchase provides straightforward connectivity to your accounting system, handling integration to make it easier to implement and minimising the risks involved with introducing a new system. In addition, Xpurchase is a browser based system that allows integration with your own web front ends and applications, enabling all users to process and report on transactions via secure, controlled online access.


The system and database administration facilities in Xpurchase bring together all the central “housekeeping”, ensuring that it runs easily and smoothly for users.


Xpurchase pricing policy allows the power of an e-procurement system to be deployed to all users in the enterprise, thus truly making it a corporate facility


Xpurchase includes integral procurement facilities to meet your purchasing needs effectively – covering the whole cycle from raising the initial requisition through to invoice matching and payment. If your Procure-to-Pay processes are manual, paper-based, and/or time-intensive, then you could be saving as much as 20% on total procurement costs. Xpurchase streamlines, optimises and automates the entire Procure-to-Pay process.